Our mission is to help individuals and organizations unleash potential through impactful leadership! 


Our approach to leadership development is based on a transformational and engagement leadership philosophy and is not limited to a position title.

Employee engagement is the top concern in the workplace for companies all over the world. Success begins with inspired people.


Inspire to Influence

A leader’s success is heavily dependent on the ability to inspire people towards a shared vision. Inspiration moves emotions, intellect and behavior of those in the path of influence.

It is also about recognizing potential in others, inspiring them towards unleashing that potential, and influencing them to direct their potential. Having a vision is critical, but the vision can only become a reality with a clearly established direction and purpose. The successful leader paints the portrait of the future with the ability to inspire and influence others.

Make it Personal

People with highly developed emotional intelligence are proven to be more successful than their counterparts in the workplace. They are aware of and have the ability to control their own emotions in addition to recognizing and understanding the emotions of those around them. They use this knowledge to foster their own success and the success of others.

 “Making it personal” is about using emotional intelligence to create an others-centered, relationship driven, culture. People are able to work together effectively in achieving common goals when led by an emotionally intelligent leader.

Passion for Enthusiastic Participation

Passion is the key to engagement in anything you try to do. It engages the organization and everyone associated with it. It is genuine and contagious. Passion brings everyone along.

“Having a Passion for Enthusiastic Participation” fuels the vision and mission. Great leaders harness this fuel and use it to achieve broader objectives. Passionate leaders encourage and inspire others to come along and enthusiastically pursue common goals and objectives. Passionate leaders stay true to the course, always striving to keep the main thing in the center of their crosshairs as they boldly move forward.

Authenticity All The Time

Authentic leaders embody honesty and integrity and never deviate from their high ethical standards and core values. Combined with a positive approach and outlook, authenticity enables a leader to build the framework to support the successful achievements of goals and objectives.

Being “authentic all the time” has to be at the top of every leader’s character traits. Authenticity is about valuing and caring for others enough to put them before our own ego and pride. Authenticity all the time means all the time. An authentic leader builds a climate of trust, strong relationships, and successful teams.

Character through Communication

“Character through Communication” recognizes that a leader’s character is determined by doing the right thing every time with the highest degree of ethical integrity, and communicating in a style that displays this trait in every interaction.

 People quickly recognize artificial character that does not truly represent the characteristics they claim to value. Over time, this degrades organizational culture and restricts innovation and growth. Understanding the importance of a strong character and effectively communicating it through actions, interactions and intent is critical to creating and sustaining a culture of excellence.

Trust for Commitment to Excellence

Trust is required for a commitment to excellence. It has to be purposefully and continually nurtured and modeled in order to relax any obstacles that drive apprehension.

 A leader builds trust one impactful block at a time; demonstrating competence, integrity, genuine caring for people and dependability.

 Creating a climate of trust is the roadmap to success for a leader and the organization. It is the foundation of becoming an “Impactful” leader.


Gary Campbell
Founder & Owner


J. Kevin Schmitt
President- Defense Solutions


Libby Perritt
Director of Marketing &
Social Media