Fit2Lead Intro


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying an "Impactful" weekend and doing something fun to recharge your batteries before heading back to the workplace next week.

You all know how passionate I am when it comes to unleashing leadership potential. I spend most of my time mentoring, coaching, speaking, and developing leaders at the health center I run in Virginia. What I am also passionate about is health and fitness and the role it plays in the passion I pursue. You see, as a leader, not only must you survive the challenges that come your way constantly, you must thrive in them. In order to thrive, you must be sharp mentally and physically…yes physically.

Why physically? Because of the mental toughness that is needed to stand tall in the pursuit of your passion to lead and/or be successful. Mental toughness requires stamina and stamina only comes from keeping yourself in shape. Now, this doesn't mean you go out and run marathons or compete in body building contests to get in shape. It means moving your body and mind to increase the oxygen flow throughout the body which promotes confidence and self-esteem.

Over the next four weeks, Libby Perritt, Exercise Physiologist-C ACSM, will be delivering some impactful tips on the benefit of getting yourself fit to lead. I am very excited about this and hope you are too!

Until then, have a most "Impactful" day!

Gary Campbell