An Impactful Journey

Last summer, after reading “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann, I made the decision to launch Impact2Lead. It wasn’t as if this great read had suddenly created an expert and authority on leadership but rather it helped me organize my values, experiences and successes in a manner worthy of sharing. As I took inventory of these things, the direction clearly pointed to a philosophy of leadership, both the style I have experienced with great leaders and the style I had chosen to deploy on my every opportunity. I wanted to share that so Impact2Lead was born.

Since last summer, I have taken a deliberate approach to building out my leadership offerings ranging from 1:1 professional coaching to leadership workshops to speaking engagements. I had to take a deliberate approach because I still had a day job with Johnson Health Center, a federally qualified health center in Lynchburg, VA. In the position of Chief Operations Officer, I had the opportunity to put my “Impact” leadership style on display for employees and customers every day. This was rewarding.

As my Impact2Lead business was picking up considerably, I received a call in late July to consider leading Johnson Health Center as interim Chief Executive Officer – I said yes. On August 1, 2014, what I call an impactful opportunity began.

While taking on a challenge of this magnitude would no doubt slow the actual roll of Impact2Lead, it would squarely plant an impactful challenge on me – to deliver leadership exactly how I drew it up.

So over the next few months, I will chronicle my journey following the Impact Leadership Model in seven short writings beginning with part “I” next week. The efforts will correlate directly with experiences in my new role – an opportunity to “walk the talk”. Stay tuned!

I – Inspire to influence

  • Every successful leader has a vision but the vision can only become a reality with clearly established direction, purpose and the ability to inspire and influence others.

M – Make it personal

  • Emotional intelligence is absolutely critical in the tool-kit of a leader’s success. Making it personal is about creating successful relationships focused on others.

P – Passion for enthusiastic participation

  • A strong leader possesses a passion that is visible to others and is congruent with the established mission and vision.

A – Authenticity all the time

  • Being authentic all the time has to be at the top of every leader’s character traits. Authenticity all the time means all the time.

C – Character through Communication

  • A leader’s character is determined by doing the right thing every time with the highest degree of ethical integrity and communicating in a style that displays this trait in every interaction.

T – Trust for the commitment to excellence

  • Creating a climate of trust is the roadmap to streamlined success for a leader. An environment of openness drives innovation, creativity, risk-taking and ultimately success.