The Exhilaration of Being Inspired

This week’s focus has been on the “I” of the I.M.P.A.C.T. model.  Inspire to Influence recognizes that, “every successful leader has a vision but the vision can only become a reality with clearly established direction, purpose, and the ability to inspire and influence others.”

Over this past week, we have examined the characteristics of highly influential and inspiring leaders. These people take responsibility for the encouragement and care of their followers, and in turn, inspire them to take risks, grow, and unleash their own potential. As leaders, we have a passion for this.

However, as leaders, we just didn’t wake up one day and decide we would model the way of inspiration and influence. We had those in our lives that took time with us.

Early in my career, it was Lane Donnelly, former President of Belcan Engineering who took the time with me, seeing my potential. I was a raw Southern boy from Virginia, entrusted with a significant business partnership North of the Mason Dixon line, and frankly, not as prepared as I thought.

As I learned, experienced, and tripped over myself on many occasions.Lane, busy as he was, running a very successful organization, was always there. Whether on the other end of the line, or in person, he walked me through those times of development opportunities.

He was also there to let me know when things went well.

From the perspective of a follower it is thrilling to be poured into. To have someone see your potential and challenge you to grow. Leaders are born out of these experiences, and lives are changed. Impactful leaders seek to create impactful leaders. It all starts with the exhilaration of being inspired.

Lane Donnelly certainly inspired me and others like me during my time at Belcan.

For those of us who are entrusted with others, remember what it felt like to experience the exhilaration of being inspired. It was special, and it is on us as leaders to have that same impact on someone else. After all, the ability to influence can only come after the inspiration has settled in.

Recognize the potential and help someone unleash their abilities through inspirational leadership, nothing is more rewarding.