Passion - There Was Enthusiastic Participation

Orlando, Florida was the place to be over the weekend, that is if you were attending “Go-Giver Certified Speaker” training with a host of very talented, very capable and very passionate fellow coaches/speakers.

That’s where I spent my weekend and boy what a weekend it was. Hosted by the “Go-Giver” himself, Bob Burg and his excellent partner, Kathy Zader, the event was attended by seven other, like-minded coaches and speakers from the United States and Canada.

While I was not sure what to expect and even unsure if speaking would be part of my service offerings, after day one I knew that I had crashed a party of some very inspirational people and frankly nothing was beyond imagination.

The weekend with these talented people provided more inspiration, collaboration and a shared passion for something we all believe in – providing value to customers by building relationships.

What I found fascinating was the diverse background each of our coaches/speakers came from. The spread of talent in the room represented backgrounds in sales, project management, branding, healthcare, leadership, real estate, event planning, operations and of course speaking, writing and teaching.

But it wasn’t just the expertise that was on display during the speaking moments, it was the passion that was on display at every moment. The days started early and stretched well into the night from Friday to Sunday and not one time did the dialogue become stale or shallow.

As I boarded the crowded shuttle at 4:45 AM for my flight home, I was joined by a fellow coach heading back to Canada and we picked up the conversation from the weekend as if we never slept. The weekend had validated her philosophy of hiring the type of people she does for her business – building out more than just a place to make good money but a place to make a good life.

For me, speaking will be at the forefront of my service offerings and my new friends are excited to help me do all the right things to get there. You can certainly say this group provided the “Passion for Enthusiastic Participation”.