Making an Impact

In the summer of 2013 after reading a copy of Bob Burg and John David Mann’s, “The Go-Giver”, I immediately knew I could not stick to my five-year plan for launching my own leadership consultancy. I needed to do it now. I am not sure what it was about the five laws in “The Go-Giver” that inspired me so much other than its’ profound impact on my mindset to intentionally grow and develop others on a broader level.

While I will not go into each of the laws here, it is safe to say the “Law of Value” centers me in my work to provide more value than I take in payment and the “Law of Influence” drives me to abundantly put other people’s interests first.

As I went back and forth on what to call my new venture, I kept coming back to the one word that was continually on my tongue and part of every conversation; impact. Combine that with my drive to grow others through helping them unleash their own potential and it all clicked; Impact2Lead.

So here we are, at the starting line and I am so very fired up about what is coming. My goal and simple vision is “To Help Individuals and Organizations Unleash Potential through Impactful Leadership”. Join me, it is going to be a thrilling ride!