The Appetite for Transformation

We just wrapped up the second and now annual, Impactful Leadership Networking Event“Creating a Culture of Excellence” in Lynchburg, Virginia. The week before, I spoke on the same topic in Washington, DC before a well-known national organization and will be in Las Vegas in early November to share this message with over 100 health centers from all over the country.

My phone rings more now, the social media pings are up, and emails are flying in from all over lately. The inquiries come from a variety of industries, many engaged in businesses I have never been exposed to; different industries, same question. How can we transform our culture?

Since leading the efforts for the first ever federally qualified health center to become a certified Employer of Choice, people have become interested in what was most impactful during this journey. It’s simple; we were able to transform the culture by engaging employees and inciting some passion through inspirational leadership.

What I have found most intriguing during my recent speaking engagements is the hunger the participants have displayed for a culture like this. I mean, you can visibly see and feel it.  In Lynchburg, you could hear a pin drop as we went through the must-haves to become an Employer of Choice. It was incredible!

When the session ended, the room was buzzing. People hung around and wanted to talk about the changes they would be making in their current roles. Some were moved to tears in reflecting back on the culture they were currently entrenched in. Others beamed with the potential they knew existed in their organization if given the opportunity to unleash it through a culture transformation.

Looking to change your culture?  Make sure you do or have the following:

  • Drive for inspirational and empathetic leadership
  • Live the core values in everything you do
  • Hire for attitude and fit
  • Help those who may not be as positive find a nice opportunity elsewhere
  • Foster an environment that thrives on teamwork and meaningful work
  • Be willing to relinquish control
  • Reward and recognize others
  • Create walking ambassadors by building leaders within
  • Put your finger on the pulse of the current state
  • Be positive, encouraging and nice!

Creating a culture of excellence is more than words on a mission statement or core values hung on a wall collecting dust. It is an investment of heart and soul and it is 24/7. The landscape of work is changing and our leaders will need to adapt. There is a hearty appetite to be part of something bigger.  Those who invest in building a positive and engaged culture will have bottom line success, no question about it.