But I am not in a Leadership Position

At our October, 2016 leadership networking event, “Creating a Culture of Excellence,” one of the participants asked the question; “How can someone who is not in an executive leadership role create a culture of excellence?”

This is an impactful question because, what do you do when you are not a decision maker but you want to impact your workplace? What does making an impact look like in this situation?

These are the questions we field frequently at Impact2Lead and the answer is quite simple; leadership does not stem from position title or authority but rather social influence. Regardless of where you sit in the organization, you have the ability to influence those around you. By keeping a positive, helpful and willing to do anything to help others mentality, leadership becomes attached to these actions and others notice.

You may not be able to impact the organization from the top but you can certainly impact your world and those around you. Keep this in mind, you are always auditioning for the next gig whether inside of the organization you work now or the one you aspire to work for in the future. Make every “Impactful” opportunity count!