The Why

I often ask people, “Why do you do what you do”? I continually pose this question to the employees and leadership at Johnson Health Center. I probe for answers when I speak on leadership to other organizations across the country. I am on a constant hunt to know the why that drives people…to know their purpose.  

When I started asking this question a few years back, initial responses were always scripted and clichéd if you will; in other words, not truly from the heart.

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On September 27, I received an email from one of our Johnson Health Center employees at the front desk in Madison Heights, VA. In summary, she wanted to let me know of the amazing care the pediatric nurse practitioner and his team provided for a distraught mother who had not had success identifying what was wrong with one of her children. She told me that not only had this provider and the team pressed for a finding but upon discovering a severe issue that required surgery, had kept up with the family to track the recovery.

She wanted me to know that this incredible commitment to patient care should be recognized (we did that of course).  While this was certainly a message intended to recognize others, it was the way she closed it that said it all. “He (the provider) saved this child’s life, and this story reminded all of us that life is so precious and never take anything for granted.  This story is the ideal example of our “WHY” Why we do what we do. Why we never give up. And why we always go above and beyond”.

After reading my employee’s email, I am convinced that this group of wonderful employees at Johnson Health Center can do anything…when they know their why. I am convinced that anything is possible when you know your why.

I encourage each of you to spend some time on this. Your why will define your purpose and your purpose will drive your passion. Your passion will drive your vision which will ultimately determine your impact, destiny and legacy.

Written by: Gary Campbell